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By accessing the website of My Escort Base, referred to as "the Company", located at https://myescortbase.com/ - You are agreeing to its Terms and Conditions as described below. The Terms and Conditions are set by the Company and they are strictly non-negotiable. The Company reserves the right to amend its Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions is the one posted on this page and can be accessed at any time before visiting our website. You may not make any modifications or challenge our Terms and Conditions, if you do not agree with the terms set out below, we kindly ask that you do not visit the Company's website.

The Company acts as an advertising agency for adult service providers, in order for them to promote their services on the internet. By visiting the Company's website, you understand that you will be accessing information and links to adult services. By accessing the Company's website, you acknowledge that you are familiar with and not offended by the materials contained on the Company's website and that you are intentionally seeking access to this material for your own personal use only.

You must be 18 or older in order to visit our website. All the online material displayed on the Company's website is intended for consenting adults in compliance with the rules and laws of their own countries and territories. We are a UK online advertising agency and we comply with the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom. If any of the content advertised here violates the rules of your country or territory, please leave this website immediately.

Service providers listed on the Company's website are the Company's customers; we help them develop their business by allowing them to reach a wider audience of potential clients through the web. We provide a platform for adult workers to grow their business online by selling advertising space to them. We are not an escort agency and we do not have any control or any type of influence over our clients' activities. We do not supervise the service providers and we do not provide advice to them. We are not responsible for the accuracy nor the authenticity of the ads posted on our website, this information is given to us by the adult entertainers and it is their duty to provide us with genuine and accurate content. If you have any queries or complaints in relation to the content posted on the website, please raise your question with the relevant service provider directly. You will find their contact information under their individual listing.

We provide visitors of our website with a platform that is comprehensive and easy to navigate, in order for them to choose the type of service and the providers they are most interested in. We do not provide any sort of advice to users of the website, we do not make referrals nor recommendations. We do not encourage or solicit our clients or any other person to engage in any sort of adult business. The clients who choose to advertise through the Company's website have come to us on their own initiative in order to grow their online presence and gain more business. We do not benefit from the adult workers' business, no matter if this has been obtained through our website or not. We charge service providers a fee in order for them to be represented on our website, we do not charge them anything in relation to carrying out their business.

All ads shown on our website are for your information only, if you wish to use any of the services advertised please do get in touch with the adult entertainers directly. All photographs displayed on our pages are provided by the adult workers themselves, who are solely responsible for them. We do not verify photographs or other types of visual content and we are not liable for any claims which may arise in relation to the content. All prices displayed on the Company's website are in relation to the adult workers' services and have been set by them. If you have any queries regarding these rates, please raise them with the relevant service provider. Payments should be arranged with the service provider directly, we cannot act as an intermediary nor facilitate exchanges of money between you and the adult workers. If you have a complaint with respect to services received or you wish to request a refund, please contact the service provider through the number shown on their listing.

All adult workers are over the age of 18. We take the necessary steps in order to verify the age of the adult workers in compliance with the law. We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the information provided to us by the adult workers.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Company's website without providing any reason, at any time and without prior notice. In this case, all the passive information collected from you will be permanently deleted from our servers.

You may not use the Company's website for the purpose of copying, downloading, sharing, or distributing any of its content. You also may not use the Company's website for the purpose of collecting data on its service providers or the services advertised, whether for research, commercial purposes, or personal use. You are strictly forbidden from using the Company's website for any type of illegal, unlawful, or unethical activity.

Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions set above will result in the termination of your access to the site, further action may be taken in accordance with the Law and in compliance with any request from governmental and regulatory bodies.

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